What to look for when buying a plot of land?

Buying a piece of land and building a house on it is a dream for many of us.  If you’re a first time land buyer, the process of buying the right plot can be quite difficult task. 

In India, the real estate industry often pilfers with the law governing it. Therefore, it is recommended for land buyers to check for the following factors thoroughly and even get them examined by a legal expert before purchase:

  1. The Deed Title/ Sale Deed: Check if the deed title is in the name of the seller and he has the full right to sell it. Insist upon looking at the original copy and not just a photocopy
  2. Be sure to get the land properly surveyed: An empty piece of land may not look as if it needs to be given the once-over by a chartered surveyor. But there are potential hidden snags with land purchases, from boundaries and rights of way to flood risks and overhead power lines. It is always best to be on the safe side and to seek professional advice from land surveyor expert.
  3. Encumbrance Certificate: This document can be procured from the sub-registrar’s office where the deed is registered. It declares that the plot of land is free of any legal hassle and unpaid dues.
  4. Property Tax Bills / Receipts: Insist upon looking at the original copies again and ensure all the payments have been made as this could lead to legal complications and more expenditure in the future.
  5. Apart from these, you must also check that the loans on the plot of land are repaid with a release certificate issued by the bank & get the property valued for the exact land measure.


To purchase a plot of land, the following documents are required from the land seller’s end:

  1. Original Land Deed of the current plot of land owner, known as the 7/12 document and also the previous owners with the proper names on the title.
  2. Encumbrance Certificate from the Sub-registrar’s office.
  3. Release Certificate from the bank, stating that the loan on the plot of land has been repaid completely.
  4. Original property tax receipt and other utility bills relating to the plot.

For the buyer, the documents required include:

  1. The Title Deed / Sales Deed after it has been transferred to the buyer’s name written by a Government licensed Document writer.
  2. Payment Receipt from payment of stamp duty charges:  Now, you can get your plot of land registered in the sub-registrar’s office or have your name added in the village office records, as may be the case.

Do not trust on anyone else’s word, such as the plot of land owner or a broker, when purchasing a plot of land. This is not a small purchase, and it should not be done unless you know exactly what you are buying. If you cannot get a land survey before proceeding to a formal offer, at least have one done before the deal closes. The land surveyor will give you the detail information possible to determine whether the plot of land will meet your needs.

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