Surveyor Meaning

Land Surveyor

A person or company whose job is to measure and record the details of areas of land like size, shape, or boundaries. Shradha Land Surveyors (SLS) being highly trained professionals specialise in advanced land surveying techniques and many other relevant services for both residential and commercial clients.

There are many different types of Survey Services:

Engineering Land Survey:

This service involves measuring physical features of the land with great precision. Based on these verifications, our survey engineers establish the dimensions, distances and angles of the land.

Contour Survey:

Slopes matching the same height are joined using imaginary lines that are known as contours. Contour map highlights details of the existing land condition. Based on the findings of contour survey.

Earthmoving Works:

This is an engineering service that involves moving or processing of parts on the land surface.

T.I.L.R Survey Consultation:

Under this service, surveyors offer assistance and consultation required to understand the procedures and functions as prescribed by the Taluka Inspector of Land Records (T.I.L.R).

Why and When You Need a Land Survey:

There are many cases when you may need a land survey performed on your property. This applies for both commercial and residential property owners. A land survey provides you with a legal document that defines the boundaries of your property. The main reason? To protect you from future issues that might arise (legal or investment wise).

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