Land surveying and its importance

Whether you are building a new home or adding landscaping to your yard, Surveying is a preliminary activity and is necessary before commencement of construction. Maximum people didn’t give land surveying a thought until they needed it at some point. Many of us have heard about it, but didn’t really realise its importance.

What is Land Surveying?

Surveying and land surveying is the measurement and mapping of Land using mathematics, specialised technology and equipment. The planning and design of all Civil Engineering projects such as construction of highways, bridges, tunnels, dams, building construction, etc are based upon surveying measurements.

Land Surveying importance

Land surveying company can help you a lot when it comes to protecting your investment. Buying a property such as a piece of land, a house or a commercial space is a big investment – possibly the biggest investment you’d ever make in your life.

A land survey company will give you important info which will determine if a property is a good buy or not. Some of the basic importance of Surveying is below.

  1. Is Your Property In A Flood Zone?
  2. What are the documents you need to check before buying a property?
  3. If the deed shown to you by the seller truly reflects the correct size of the property, etc.

These are just roughly of the information a land survey will show you. There are many more depending on the kind of land survey you are having done.

Types of Survey Services

  • Boundary Survey
  • Construction Survey
  • Location Survey
  • Site Planning Survey
  • Subdivision Survey
  • Topographic Survey
  • Boundary survey
  • Engineering Land Survey
  • Layout Marking/Demarcation
  • Estimating Earth Moving Work Volumes

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