What is a Survey & what is a Site Plan?

What is a Survey?

A Survey is required for All Construction Projects.

Survey or land survey is the technique, profession, and science of determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles between them. A land survey profession is called a land surveyor.

What is a Site Plan?

A Site Plan is a sketch that is prepared from the information that is taken from a Survey.

It includes a combination of a Boundary survey and a Topographic survey and is used for the preparation of a site plan or other documents which will depict proposed improvements to a parcel of land.

For Additions the Site Plan can be prepared by you, the Builder, Contractor, Architect or Engineer, and is included with the Drawings for you Addition.

Basic Site Plans Requirements:

  • Verified property line location, dimensions, direction from back of the curb or side walk to property line, dimension of parkway strip, lot square footage, scale and north arrow direction.
  • Streets, alley, affected easements, and right-of-ways
  • Location & dimensions of all hard surfaced parts including curb and gutter, sidewalks, driveways, parking spaces, loading areas, garbage areas, and access points to public streets or alleys
  • The size, shape, & location of all current and proposed structures including overhang projections, garages, carports, sheds, and the distance to the nearest point of any dwelling on abutting properties.
  • Front, side, & rear yard setback dimensions from property line to all existing and proposed structures
  • Parking strip layout, lawn areas, location of existing and proposed street trees, sprinkler system and curb cuts

Major Site Plans Requirements:

  • The size, shape and location of all current landscape features including large trees, pools, decks, patios, exterior lighting, utility lines, steams and any other exterior element
  • Landscape plan including location, spacing, size, quantity and type of all proposed plant materials and installation details
  • Sprinkler plan including location, spacing and size of all shrub or lawn heads, water lines and valves.
  • Location and height of fences, retaining walls and railings.
  • Contour lines indicating existing and proposed grade changes at intervals not to exceed 2’
  • Location, height, size and design of all current and proposed exterior signs and advertising features.
  • Location and type of catch basins or surface water detention basins and other surface drainage facilities.
  • Show all existing and proposed public way improvements.


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